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  • Phosphorus chemicals China >>news >> Don't over use phopsater fertilizer

      Dicalcium phosphate contains a lot of free acid.Excessive using of Dicalcium phosphate will make the soil acidification, and produces zinc phosphate deposits, crops cannot be absorbed.

      Using it properly will promote the absorption of crops, but excessive amounts of phosphate fertilizer, but will make phosphorus nutrition balance and molybdenum lost crop of molybdenum absorption, show "lack of molybdenum disease".

      According to research, excessive amounts of phosphate, will cause the silicon is fixed, soil, plants can absorb of silicon, especially for the gramineous crops or silicon more effect.

      Soil phosphorus content exorbitant, crop plants, cause more p uptake of respiration unbridled, dry matter accumulation of consumption, than the reproductive organs, too early development, grain crops matured, low yield.

      phopsate fertilizer should be generally surueyed effective phosphorus content decided according to the soil.Content is less than 10 edged/litre, each 1641 meters 2 can phosphate 30-35 kilograms of standard.10-20 edged/content, each 1641 m/n 15-25 kg 2. Generally a year was phosphate

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